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Gadus S3 Rail EUFR 50KG
Gadus S2 OG 40- 18KG
Gadus S2 V100 3 (180KG)
Gadus S3 V100 2-18KG
Gadus S3 V220 C2 - 18KG
Corena S4 R 68 - 20 litres
Morlina S1 B100 - 209 Litres
Omala S2 GX100 - 209 Litres
Omala S4 GXV 460 - 20 Litres
Rimula R6 LME 5W30 - IBC
Rimula R6 M 10W- 40 -20 litres 

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Shell Gadus S2 V220 2LS or Shell Gadus S2 V100 3LS

New Offer – Buy 5 boxes and get a free grease gun

Buy five boxes of Shell Gadus S2 V220 2LS or Shell Gadus S2 V100 3LS and you will get a Lube Shuttle Grease Gun for free! 

The Shell Gadus S2 V220 2 is a high quality multipurpose, extreme-pressure greases based on a blend of high viscosity index mineral oil. They are designed for multipurpose grease lubrication of rolling element and plain bearings as well as hinges and sliding surfaces such as those found throughout most industrial and transport sectors.

Performance, features and benefits:
Outstanding load carrying capacity, improved mechanical stability, good resistance to water wash-out and oxidation stability.

The Shell Gadus S2 V100 3 is a general purpose grease based on new lithium hydroxystearate soap thickener fortified with anti-oxidant, anti-wear and anti-rust additives.  

Performance, features and benefits:
Reliable high temperature performance, good oxidation and mechanical stability, good corrosion resistance characteristics and long storage life.



Pack Size 30 x 400g.  Buy One Get One Free. Limited stock available.

An extreme pressure airframe grease.

AeroShell Grease 64 (formerly AeroShell 33MS) is an EP airframe grease based on the proven lithium thickener technology of AeroShell Grease 33. It can help to extend component life through its exceptional load-carrying and EP properties from fortification using 5% molybdenum disulphide and its excellent wear and corrosion protection. It also helps to reduce the risk of product misapplication by being fully compatible with AeroShell Grease 33. Together, these greases are perfect partners, thereby helping to reduce costs by protecting over 98% of the grease application points on a typical airliner. AeroShell Grease 64 is fully approved to MIL-G-21164D.

Pack Size 30 x 400g.  Buy One Get One Free. Limited stock available.

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Rimula R6 M 10W 40 - 20 litres

Shell Gadus OG 40 18KG

Aeroshell 64 400g Cartridges

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