LPG Cylinders

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Gleaner supply Propane and Butane LPG Cylinders. LPG Cylinders are available to purchase from our filling station network. The products on offer and stock availability will vary between filling station sites, please contact your local filling station for more information.

Suitable for Domestic and Commercial Uses

LPG Cylinders are suitable for use across many domestic and commercial applications. At home, Cylinders can be used to fuel BBQ’s, portable heaters and power tools.  They can also be used as a fuel source to provide heating and hot water to caravans and motorhomes.

Businesses can use LPG Cylinders to fuel forklift trucks, commercial heating and drying machinery, as well as light commercial machinery. 

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Gleaner supply LPG cylinders to domestic and commercial customers

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Minimum Delivery 500 Litres.