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At Gleaner we provide a wide range of fuels for domestic, agricultural, commercial, marine and offshore customers.  We have a distinguished track record of supplying domestic and commercial fuel with a network of depots throughout Scotland.

Founded in 1954

Founded over 65 years ago in 1954, Gleaner supply bulk fuels from an extensive network of depots across Scotland. Our head office in Elgin, Moray, oversees our operational activities and supports our staff members on a daily basis.

The name ‘Gleaner’ has its origins in the old agricultural and fishing phrase ‘to glean’, as in ‘to glean from the land, to glean from the sea’. The company was initially created to serve these industries. Today however, Gleaner serves a wide array of commercial industries as well as serving the domestic heating market and runs a network of filling stations.

Our Partnership with Shell

Before becoming an independent fuel distributor, Gleaner operated as a ‘Shell Distributor’, selling and delivering Shell bulk fuels across Scotland. Today Gleaner are an approved distributor of Shell Lubricants and Greases, carrying on the partnership which has existed for over 50 years.

Family Owned Company

Gleaner Ltd has remained a family owned company, and is now in the safe hands of the third generation of the Young family. Today Gleaner is owned by Jane and Stephen Scott. As the granddaughter of the company’s founder, Jane together with her husband Stephen are committed to providing a quality service and remaining a local commodity for Gleaner customers, continuing the high level of customer service Gleaner has provided for over 65 Years.

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