Environmental Sustainability Policy Statement

1. Environmental issues, including sustainable marketing practice, are some of the most pressing issues facing today’s society and are high on many individual’s, company’s and indeed Governmental list of priorities. Gleaner recognises the need for sustainable development and consumption, and is committed to improving the environmental impact of its activities.

2. We aim to achieve this by working with our suppliers, customers and stakeholders and also through training and educating our employees. Our environmental initiatives include, but are not limited to:

Energy and Water

3. We aim to implement a number of efficiency measures to reduce our consumption of energy and water.

a. ‘Save-it’ policy to switch off all lighting when not required

b. ‘Save-it’ policy to close all windows and doors when heating is required.

c. ‘Save-it’ policy to use low energy electrical devices.

d. Review, measure and set targets for all energy usage recycling

4. Working with our waste management contractors we operate a Recycling Programme.

a. All cans, cardboard and paper are segregated into waste streams.

b. The majority of office waste paper is shredded and recycled via contractor.

c. Electrical items are removed by a WEEE recycling contractor.

5. We aim to significantly reduce our use of paper through a number of measures.

a. Where possible tender documentation will be submitted electronically

b. Recycled paper and office products are used wherever possible.

c. Printer cartridges are recycled through a specialist contractor.


6. We take into account environmental policies when selecting suppliers.


7. We are assessing a number of ideas in respect of transport:

8. We are measuring the company’s carbon footprint and have an objective in place to reduce this as part our IMS objectives.

9. The use of Rail transport is encouraged where possible.

Customers are asked to dispose of 20 Litre containers in an environmentally friendly manner or to return them to one of our depots for us to do so on their behalf. 

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