Shell Marine Lubricants

Shell marine lubricants are designed for various marine applications, helping to keep your operations running smoothly and your costs down.

Shell Marine Lubricants

Shell Gadinia | Shell Morlina | Shell Naturelle

Shell Gadinia - Power Engine Oil

Shell Gadinia S3 30 & S3 40 are high quality, multifunctional diesel engine lubricants designed for the most severe service main propulsion and auxiliary marine trunk piston engines burning distillate, hybrid and bio-fuels with a Sulphur content up to 1%.

Power Engine Oil

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Shell Morlina - Bearing & Circulation Oil

The Shell Morlina range offers a range of bearing and circulating oils, from robust, reliable products to fully synthetic products fortified with extreme-pressure (EP) additives. This includes specialty products that continue to function even when contaminated with water, dust or dirt as well as the fully synthetic Shell Morlina S4 B, which provides the longest oil life under severe conditions in the Shell Morlina range.

Bearing & Circulation Systems

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Shell Naturelle Range

The Shell Naturelle range of biodegradable lubricants are approved by leading manufacturers for use in applications that have a potential oil-to-sea interface.


Shell Naturelle S4 Hydraulic Fluid 46 has 2.5 times better oxidation stability than is required by the Swedish Standard, Bosch Rexroth and Eaton minimum limits. This fully saturated ester provides extended oil life through greater oxidation and thermal stability.


Shell Naturelle S4 Gear Fluids use fully-saturated esters along with carefully selected additives, designed for excellent load carrying capacity & anti-scuffing performance, with excellent water separation, shear stability, a high VI offering wide temperature range protection.


Shell Naturelle S5 V120P 2 is a lithium complex grease designed for extreme pressure with anti-oxidant, anti-wear and anti-rust protection across a wide temperature range -35°C to 100°C.

Transformer fluids

Shell Naturelle S4 I Transformer Fluids offers a very high oxidation stability, good dialectic strength, low flammability, efficient heat transfer and long service life.

Biodegradable Lubricants

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