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We offer a wide range of Oil Safe products to meet your Lubricant storage and handling needs.

Oil safe lubrication systems have been designed to safely manage lubricant storage and transfer from bulk storage to point of use. The system has been designed and manufactured for use in a wide range of applications including workshops, industrial plants, mines, factories and home garages.
Using the system reduces the chances of cross-contaminating lubricants and causing dangerous accidental spillages, which could cause machinery damage leading to costly downtime. The system utilises a colour-coded-matrix system to help easily identify different lubricants. The colour matrix is available across the whole Oil Safe product range.

The system offers a complete package for safe lubricant storage and transfer through its transfer containers, ‘Label Safe’ labelling systems and bulk storage systems.

Oil Safe Transfer Container

Oil Safe transfer containers are a versatile range of interchangeable drums and lids. The transfer containers create a fully sealed unit which prevents contamination of lubricants.

The drums are equipped with both metric and imperial units for accurate fluid measurement. Flexible spout hose attachments allow for dispensing to awkward and hard to reach areas. The units are available with 10 colour options for easy identification.

There is a wide range of transfer container accessories available to ensure the product best suits your requirements. These include: pumps, nozzles, pump collars, breathers and quick connection kits.

Label Safe Labelling System

The Label Safe labelling product range provides clear identification of lubricants from bulk storage to point of use. Utilising a clear labelling system reduces the risk of accidental cross contamination of lubricants.

Some of the labelling products available include:

  • Colour coded drum rings
  • Lockable drum rings
  • Label pockets and frames
  • Drum label kits

Oil Safe Bulk Storage System

Oil Safe bulk storage systems are ergonomic lubricant dispensing systems designed to promote best practices and cleanliness. Designed for use in a wide range of businesses they are available in 3 standard systems which can be altered to suit individual requirements.

The standard systems feature:

  • Spill containment through spill pallets and drip trays
  • Colour coded tanks
  • Colour coded filling and dispensing systems
  • Dedicated pumps and filters for each tank to protect against cross-contamination.

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