Top-up Delivery Service

Take the hassle out of managing your heating oil supply by joining our top-up service

Scheduled Heating Oil Deliveries Throughout the Year

Top-up is our way of ensuring you have a steady heating oil supply. We arrange for your oil storage tank to be filled at intervals throughout the year, meaning you can enjoy complete peace of mind, knowing your tank will be topped up, come rain, snow or shine. 

How Do We Know When You Need a Top-up?

  • We understand that individual needs and fuel consumption vary, that is why we base our top-up intervals on your purchase history to build a delivery schedule to meet your personal requirements.
  • If you are a new customer, this is approximately every 90 days throughout the first year, as you will not yet have a purchase history to guide us.  As a new customer, we also ask that you check your fuel levels as well as us, to ensure that we are setting the correct frequency of delivery times.
  • However, If you notice that you are running low on fuel, or if your circumstances change and you find you are using more, or less fuel, simply phone us on 0800 833 534 and we will amend the frequency of your top-up.

How Much Do We Top-Up Your Tank With?

  • Under the top-up service we provide tank fills only. Meaning you would be unable to specify the quantity of fuel you wish to receive. 

What are the Benefits of Automatic Fuel Top-up?

  • Peace of mind – As we will regularly be filling up your tank, it is less likely that you will run dry of heating oil.
  • Hassle free – spend less time placing fuel orders, as we will automatically do this for you.

How Can I Pay for My Fuel?

Whether you prefer to pay for your order in a one lump sum, or prefer splitting the costs into affordable monthly payments, we offer a variety of flexible payment options to suit our Top-Up customer’s needs, including;

  • Monthly Direct Debit 
  • Budget Payment Account
  • BAC’s transfer
  • Online through our website
  • Credit/Debit Card

For more information, visit our Payment Option page here.

Join Gleaner's Top-up Service Today 

If you wish to join, or want to find out more about the top-up service, please phone and speak to a member of our sales team on 01343 557400 or submit the form below and a member of our team will get back to you.  

Top-up Delivery Service

Gleaner Top-up Delivery

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Minimum Delivery 500 Litres.