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Though the cooling system is often overlooked, malfunctions are a common cause of engine failure. A high-quality coolant can help you avoid these, along with stressful downtime and costly repairs.

Shell Coolants

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Whether your priority is to keep fuel costs low or emissions to a minimum, keeping your car in top condition can be one of the best ways to meet your goals.  Alongside engine oils and transmission fluids, the coolant you choose can have a big say in the performance of your engine, by helping to:

  • Transfer heat away from your engine, regulating engine temperature and maximising engine performance
  • Protect your cooling system from corrosion, scaling or deposits, and the long-term damage they can cause
  • Maintain consistent performance over the lifetime of your vehicle, so you can run your car for longer

Using a low-quality coolant can cause your cooling system to rust or your engine to overheat – both of which can risk your safety on the road or your finances in the workshop.

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