Winter Home Heating Oil

Now is the time to consider your winter home heating oil needs.  On average, between October and March a household will use two-thirds of its yearly heating oil consumption.


Be Prepared and Order Your Winter Home Heating Oil 

We recommend that you don't delay ordering your winter fuel.  As always, you should start to think about your winter home heating oil requirements during autumn. Planning ahead will reduce your chances of running dry, particularly if there is a sudden onset of bad weather.

Our advice is to take a fill of your tank as early as you can. This means you’ll be prepared should the colder weather start earlier than anticipated. It would also mean that you would beat the rush for deliveries leading up to the Christmas and New Year period.

Heating Oil Prices

Several factors affect heating oil prices including weather, exchange rates, supply and demand and issues with production due to political conflict.  

Home heating oil prices change daily.

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Don't Forget To Check Your Heating Oil Level

Monitoring your oil levels will reduce your chances of running dry. This is important throughout the year but especially during the winter, when our delivery schedules will be at their busiest.  We anticipate our delivery lead time to increase during winter.

Budget Payment Plan

Have you considered joining our budget payment plan?  

The cost of your heating oil is split into manageable monthly payments throughout the year and can be debited from your account on a day of your choice. This is our most popular method of payment.

Topping up your account monthly will mean you won't have any unexpected bills.

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The Importance of Boiler Maintenance in Winter

We recommend that boilers are serviced at least every 12 months to ensure they are working safely and efficiently. An inefficient boiler will use more fuel than an efficient one.

If you have not had your boiler serviced over the summer months we recommend you do so before the winter begins, to ensure it is prepared for the extra strain it will experience with the colder weather.

An annual boiler service can help to reduce the chances of unexpected breakdowns or maintenance issues over winter.

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Don't Delay, Prepare Today

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