Community Heating Oil Buying Groups

Purchase with your neighbours and save on your heating oil. 

What is a Community Oil Buying Group and Could it Benefit You?

A Community Oil Buying Group is formed when households within a 10 mile radius join together and place a bulk heating oil order for delivery at the same time. If you live in an area where there are many heating oil users, a Community Oil Buying Group could reduce your heating oil bills.

What are the benefits of joining a Community Oil Buying Group?

In recent years the popularity of oil buying groups have increased as customers recognise the many benefits of bulk ordering.

  • Delivery cost savings

Being a member of a Community buying group could help to reduce your heating oil bill. By making many deliveries in the same area at the same time saves us money on delivery and travel costs, not to mention reducing our CO2 emissions. This means we can pass these financial savings on to you through a reduction in the delivery costs we factor into your bill.

  • Pence per Litre Savings

Although our fuel prices are based on live market prices and therefore fluctuate on a daily basis, we may be able to offer reduced pence per litre purchase price for Community Oil Buying Groups placing a bulk order. The size of the order and the delivery location will  influence the pence per litre price we would be able to offer, however our dedicated sales team are always on hand to offer the best advice and to secure the best deal for your local buying group.


Established Community Oil Buying Groups

Gleaner currently supply established Community Oil Buying Groups situated in the Glencoe and Fort William areas.   Contact us today if you are interested in joining either of these buying groups and we will be able to pass your details onto the group organisers.

We are always looking to expand our portfolio of Community Oil Buying Groups. If we do not currently have a group in your area and you would be interested in the scheme, contact us today for more information and expert support/guidance on setting up an oil buying group in your local area. 

Set up your own Community Buying Group

Contact us today if you are interested in finding out more about setting up a buying group in your local area.

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