B-Snug Hybrid Heating System

Using an air source heat pump with your existing oil heating system could be a cleaner way of heating your home.

What is a B-Snug Hybrid Heating System?

Shell, supported by PassivSystems' technology, have launched the B-Snug smart hybrid heating system. It uses a Samsung air source heat pump alongside your existing oil heating to create a hybrid.

With our longstanding relationship with Shell, we are pleased to be able to have the opportunity to bring the B-Snug system to our oil heating customers. 

Offering you a potentially more environmentally friendly way to heat your home which could lead to a reduction in overall energy used by your household

The smart heating system will monitor the temperature of your home, the predicted weather outside and your comfort settings to select whether to use the heat pump or your oil boiler to heat your home - ensuring you'll always use the most efficient heat source available, favouring the use of the heat pump wherever possible.


The benefits of using the B-Snug Hybrid Heating System:

There are lots of ways installing the B-Snug system alongside your existing oil boiler could bring benefits, such as:

Reducing your heating bills

Installing a B-Snug system could lead to a reduction in combined cost of energy.

Reducing your household carbon emissions

The hybrid heating system can help generate a reduction in the carbon emissions your household produces. 

Easy to install

The B-Snug system is fitted alongside your existing oil heating system. There is usually no need to change any of the internal heating system or radiators. Gleaner's experienced engineers will carry out the installation by fitting the heat pump outdoors, connecting it to your existing heating system, and a thermostat and control box inside your home.

Increased control over your heating

Smart controls operated through an app are included with the B-Snug system.

*B-Snug is a wholly owned subsidiary of Shell U.K Ltd

Talk to B-Snug today:

For more information about the B-Snug hybrid heating system contact B-Snug directly on 0333 240 0428.

Find out if your house would be suitable for the B-Snug hybrid heating system here

Click the link above to visit the B-Snug website. Should you decide to proceed with a B-Snug hybrid heating system, Gleaner will be instructed by B-Snug to complete the installation process.
Samsung heat pump used in the B-Snug system

Passiv app used with the B-Snug hybrid heating system