Fixed Term Lease-to-Own Agreements

The flexible way to finance the purchase of a new fuel storage tank

The average lifespan of a fuel storage tank is 10 - 15 years...

When did you last check your tank for cracks, splits, sun-bleaching and signs of damage?

A Fixed Term Lease-to-Own Agreement from Gleaner provides the complete care and support package for oil fuelled heating systems.

The Fixed Term Agreement is a flexible way to finance the purchase of a new fuel storage tank. For a fixed monthly cost you can lease a new fuel storage tank from Gleaner. Ownership of the tank then transfers to you at the end of agreement term.

What’s included?

All tanks come with a 10 year manufacturer’s warranty. Removal of the old tank for recycling, and installation of the new tank & base is included.

  • A Watchman Anywhere Pro

Including complete installation and set-up with weekly email alerts.

In-house monitoring of the Watchman Anywhere Pro means our support team can order on your behalf, when you require a fill of your tank.

An annual check of your boiler and heating system, carried out by our fully qualified OFTEC registered engineers. *Parts and labour are payable separately

With a Lease-to-Own Tank Agreement, You Will Benefit From..

  • No large financial outlay in an emergency

The costs of a new fuel storage tank and installation can run into £1000’s. This is a large financial outlay, particularly in an emergency, such as if your tank splits, suffers damage or has been deemed unsafe for use.

  • One manageable monthly direct debit payment

Pay only one fixed-cost payment per month for the 60 month duration of the Fixed Term Agreement. The small monthly payment covers the costs of a new fuel storage tank, a Watchman Anywhere Pro, full installation and a yearly boiler service. Plus there’s no interest to pay.

*The cost of oil is payable separately.

  • Peace of mind

Rest easy knowing you oil fuelled heating system is operating safely and efficiently for the duration of the agreement. Our boiler maintenance engineers will ensure your new fuel tank and boiler are inspected annually. Whilst our experienced support team take care of placing your orders, by monitoring you fuel levels using the Watchman Anywhere Pro.

  • Expert set-up and installation

As part of the agreement we will fully install your new fuel storage tank and base; including removing the old tank for recycling. We will also fit and set-up the Watchman Anywhere Pro fuel level gauge.

Important Information

  • Agreements must be taken for a 60 month period
  • The fuel storage tank remains the property of Gleaner until it is transferred to the customer at the end of the agreement term
  • The Watchman Anywhere Pro remains the property of Gleaner and is leased for the duration of the agreement. At the end of which it is replaced by a Watchman Sonic which is owned by the customer. *To continue using the Watchman Anywhere Pro after the 60 month period, the customer must take out a 24 month Follow-On Plan
  • For the duration of the agreement the customer must only purchase fuel from Gleaner

How much will the Lease-to-Own Tank Agreement cost?

The cost of the Fixed Term Agreement will vary depending on individual requirements including: the size of the fuel storage tank, location and suitability to join the scheme.

Contact your local depot to discuss your requirements and to receive a personalised quotation.

24 Month Follow-On Plan

If you reach the end of the 60 month Fixed Term Agreement and would like to continue with the perks, why not consider our 24 month Follow-On Plan.

The Follow-On Plan allows you to continue to use the Watchman Anywhere Pro, includes a yearly boiler service. Plus, you’ll remain on our Automatic Top-Up service where our support team will monitor your oil levels using the Watchman Anywhere Pro.

In the same way as the Fixed Term Agreement, the cost is split into a fixed monthly payment, spread across the 24 month period, with no interest to pay.

*The cost of oil is payable separately.  

Could a Fixed Term Agreement be the Solution for You?

Contact us today if you are interested in our Fixed Term Agreement and would like more information.

Or for more information on how a Fixed Term Agreement could benefit you, download our brochure below.